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Use Your Android to Play at Your Favorite Casino


Most online casinos have just started releasing online gaming applications for the Android 2.2, they have announced that they are also preparing for the launch of the new operating system, Android 3.0. This new phone is also known as the Honeycomb and it is the next mobile communication innovation by Google.

One of the first demos of the Honeycomb was presented last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In the display, the world saw that the phone will use 3D technology to create hologram-effects. The phone will also have Google Maps 5, one of the newest mobile software innovations.

The 3D feature was great news for online casino designers as there have already been attempts to create 3D games and this is a new market to explore in the same area. Even better is that players will have the highest quality form of gaming in this new, terrific phone that should hit the market soon.