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Poker Players Stripping Down for Charity in Florida


Poker players never stop coming with new and better ways to prove that gambling can go hand in hand with good things for society. Even though the legality of the activity is being questioned across the United States and the world, more and more things are happening to prove that it may be worth legalizing gambling.

The latest example of it is the “Take it Off for Charity” poker tournament that was recently organized in Florida last Friday. The event was a Texas Hold’em tournament in support of the St. Francis House and Goodwill Industries International and it resulted to be a great success.

The rules were more innovative than ever, each player that went below the average chip count had to take off a piece of clothing and donate it. The event organizers only allowed players to strip down to a bathing suit so nothing got too controversial.

The final result of the event was 500 pounds of clothes being collected and donated. Poker has always been big on charity events and this was only one more way to show how involved it is with good causes. “Over the years, gamblers have shown that they can have as big a heart as anybody, and the millions raised from these events is further proof of that fact,” said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz.