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Online Gambling for US players looking thin

With all the crazy things happening in the world I’m amazed we see the US government going after online casinos and online poker rooms the way they are today. With the hit on Full Tilt along with other poker rooms, Quicktender followed right behind in getting large amount of cash seized. Most cash taken from Quicktender was not even gambling related but the DOJ doesn’t care for some reason?

Why are we not seeing a big push on the US Mexico boarder where lives are being taken, drugs are being smuggled in and all sorts of crazy crimes take place? How about the Gun running scheme Fast and Furious out DOJ ran placing countless amounts of small arms into the Mexican drug lords hands? These guns have now been traced to the deaths of many civilians as well as boarder patrol officers. The government needs to look at the priorities and all the stupid laws on the books and start over.