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Casino Coins No Longer Accepting new players

I am very sorry to see that Casino Coins brands of Vegas Technology casinos will no longer be accepting any new players at all. This includes players from the USA and from outside the US. The over reaching heavy hand of the Federal Government has made online casino play dismal. With the regulations and paid off Senators, we now face hard choices in selecting an Online casino and a processor we can actually trust. As usual, i expect to see rogue processors pop up some time in the future. This of course is all the fault of the United States Corruption group or as they like to be called Congress.

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Poker Players Stripping Down for Charity in Florida


Poker players never stop coming with new and better ways to prove that gambling can go hand in hand with good things for society. Even though the legality of the activity is being questioned across the United States and the world, more and more things are happening to prove that it may be worth legalizing gambling.

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California to Replace Las Vegas as Gambling Capital?


Some of you may have already heard about Doyle Brunson’s latest blog post, but I still want to write about for those who have not and because I found it extremely interesting. Poker’s Big Papa stated that Las Vegas is an undesirable place for a professional poker player to live and that he was considering moving.

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Use Your Android to Play at Your Favorite Casino


Most online casinos have just started releasing online gaming applications for the Android 2.2, they have announced that they are also preparing for the launch of the new operating system, Android 3.0. This new phone is also known as the Honeycomb and it is the next mobile communication innovation by Google.

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Online Gambling Growth for 2010 Remarkable


Recession? It seems like the effects continue to be absent from the online gaming industry. According to a report distributed by H2 Gambling Capital, online gambling grew by 12.5% in 2010.

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Durrrr Challenge Part 2: Jungleman


Online poker titan Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan had us hanging with his challenge against another titan of poker, Patrik Antonius. However, before that challenge came to an end, durrrr entered a new challenge this time against Dan ‘Jungleman12’ Cates. The challenge has been ongoing, and the two players met at the tables once more on Monday night.

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Feltstars Poker Buys Reefer Poker


A couple of weeks ago news were released that the merge of two of the most popular poker rooms in the world became effective. Since early December Reefer Poker and Feltstars Poker merged their services and databases.

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All Slots Casino’s Youtube Channel


The popular online gaming venue All Slots Casino announced the launch of their very own Youtube chanel in which they plan to show everything they have to offer in video. If you want to keep an eye on this casino’s promotions you should sign up to the channel asap.

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Caesars Casinos Moves to Ohio


Formerly known as Harrah’s Entertainment, Caesar’s Entertainment is the largest casino company in the world. They have been at the frontline of casino gaming for years due to their ability to please players and adapt to new technology. Recently, the company saw that the gambling industry was leaning towards online gambling and they did not hesitate to adapt.

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New Jersey Online Gambling Bill Delayed


A couple of weeks ago there was a huge fuzz concerning an online gambling regulation bill in New Jersey that seemed to be on the road to be passed. However, it seems like the bill ran into a little bit of traffic on the way and it was not put to vote at the Assembly on December 13th as it was planned.