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Tony G Says Isildur1 is Actually Viktor Blom


We have been hearing a lot about new online poker phenomenon Isildur1 but so far there have not been real details on the identity of this player. Â We were aware that he was a professional and talented gambler from Sweden but did not know his name nor real location.

However, it seems like the mystery is coming together and there has been speculation from many reputable sources about Isildur1 being Swedish professional poker player

Featured High Stakes Online Poker Poker Pros

New High Stakes Figure: Isildur1


If you have been watching the high stakes tables at Full Tilt you probably notice that there is a new guy taking the money of all the other big players. Well, in case you haven’t, keep reading to find out all about him.

During the past two weeks Isildur1 took around $3 million from