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IMEGA? UIGEA? Whats going on with it all?

Well I have no idea what is going on, although I do know SOMTHING is happening! If it was going to be flushed that would have happened months ago, the fact that we are all asking questions and waiting in the dark means there is something going on. Will the WTO settlements fail as the USA pretty much bent the other parties over old Bill’s oval office desk? Will Congress disapprove of allowing the trade sanctions offered from the US side?Â

I am very happy with waiting as I know something IS in fact going on, I just hope I do not become disappointed in the final results of our bully, nanny, money grabbing system has returned in the past.

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Super Bowl Odds – New England -12

Looking at the odds for the Superbowl, New England -12 may have a hard time covering. The Giants are playing fantastic as a team, defense is great and the offence is running well, not fantastic but well. New England has been getting a lot of focus by the NFL obviously after going the entire season without a loss, I think this is a problem for them now as the Giants should see the weaknesses in both offense and defence as we can. Stay on the inside of the defense as the backs play off and outside, put LOTS of pressure on Brady and they should cover easily, if not beat the unbeaten?Â

Is Tom Brady hurt? Its hard to tell but by the end of the first quarter we should have the answer! Is Manning getting some inside information from Payton? I am a firm believer blood is stronger than sport, and Payton would much rather have New England beaten in the big game than not. Look for a great by the Giants, also look to Bill to put his plans together to stop them.

I think this will be a very interesting Super Bowl, much better matchup than most people really think.

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UIEGA update, US trying to step away from harm?

After reading the new release of the UIEGA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act) located here : , It appears obvious they do not want to put much effort into enforcement. Although its better than a tough act its still a large thorn in the sides of Online Internet Gambling operations. Key points are bland, if not totally reduced to nothing such as..

What is illegal? – Nothing new really, refer to state and federal laws as the UIEGA will not describe what is or is not legal.  (point being the only illegal form of Internet gambling is not on the Internet, but voice over the phone due to the Wire Act)

What payment processors are to be blocked? – All that conduct transactions that can be positively proven to break #1 (although its impossible as #1 is not specific)

What will be the penalty for financial institutions? – Well #2 can be positive as #1 is impossible, this makes #3 pointless.

Will Online gambling go back to pre UIEGA standings? – No, this is still a big issue although it has -0- merit.

 My thoughts are this is designed to be in the back pocket of these corrupt boys in Washington, as it allows them to say they did something, and collect payments from the likes of Harrah’s and such. I am sure it will also be used in harassment of operators but there is a lot for a good legal team to destroy in this pile of crap. Do not upset the druids by printing this garbage on paper.

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Remember when football was fun?

Brady QuinnRemember when football was fun? I do… I remember when Pittsburg was the Steel Curtain and when San Fran was an offensive machine. I remember the Dynasty of Dallas. I remember when my team was on the field I could recognize all the players as they were MY players. I also can think back to watching the NFL Schedule as saying I know that going to be a tough game 2 months from now and of course I could mark down a win before the pre-season was over. Yes, I remember when the NFL was was fun…

So why does it sound like I am not having fun with the NFL today? Its not because they are on the move spending millions to ban online wagering, Its not because they are planning to make billions on NFL Fantasy Football Leagues, no, its because they destroyed the FUN in the NFL.

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Mr. Andersons insight on the US Congress vs Internet Gambling

USAFirst, Let me introduce myself as this is my first article for the new World Gambling News publication. I am James Anderson, father of two and husband of one. All my life I have been against the grain when it comes to perspectives on many issues causing some interesting situations at home, school and sometimes at work. I have found though that thinking a bit different, even if totally incorrect sparks thoughts in others that may have gone undiscovered if I just went along with everyone else. Well that’s the quick background on myself, and I hope that lets you understand where I am coming from in future stories here on World Gambling News.

My first article is one that undoubtedly you are all aware of, the passing of the unlawful Internet Gambling Act attached to the Port Security Bill in the late hours of congress before they ended sessions last year. Instead of going over all the usual, let me explain my thoughts on the bigger picture.